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Over the years, we have helped our customers with:

Customer Experience Improvement

Secure e-Business Solutions

Seamless inter-organization e-Business Applications

Intranet Portals

Electronic Workflow Applications

Executive Replacement

Company Profile

Lavallée Consulting Limited was incorporated in 1996, succeeding Lavallée and Associates as Louis-Charles Lavallée's vehicle to deliver consulting services to his clients, teaming up as required with other highly skilled consultants.

Louis-Charles Lavallée, CMC, is the founder of Lavallée Consulting Limited. He has 40 years experience in making internet and information technologies bring value to organizations. In his last assignments, he has developed the Government of Ontario's approach and process for providing secure seamless access to suppliers e-Commerce sites through the Corporate Intranet Portal, including electronic workflow systems that span multiple organizations and cross firewall boundaries.

Since 1991, Louis-Charles Lavallée has managed his consulting practice to help his clients make new and existing internet and information technology work for their organizations. He has a strong ability to succeed in projects that are using completely new technologies and business processes and that bring innovation to his clients.

Lavallée Consulting Limited provides value to its clients by:

  • Applying a Customer Centric approach so that the solutions implemented are aimed at redefining the customer experience

  • Leveraging the technology investment

  • Tuning business processes to create synergy with the internet and information technology components infrastructure

  • Establishing key relationship between legacy systems and new solutions

  • Implementing solutions that redefine customer service, increase value, reduce costs, reduce effort and that fit the culture and organizational context of the organization.

Recent Projects

Our recent projects have focused on Corporate Intranet Portals and related electronic workflow systems and e-Commerce applications. Through these projects, we have pioneered the seamless integration of third party web offerings into our client's Corporate Intranet Portal.

Key Partnerships

Our key skills are related to a sound understanding of key business issues and we focus on the business-technology relationship from a business result viewpoint. A complete solution requires a skillful technical implementation. This is why we team up as required with highly skilled individuals and organizations to either help our client's IT staff implement new solutions, or to implement complete turnkey solutions. Your needs and capabilities dictate how we approach the project.

Professional Affiliation

Lavallée Consulting Limited is proud to be associated to the Canadian Association of Management Consultant (CAMC). Louis-Charles Lavallée has earned the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) professional designation to indicate our commitment to serve our customers in a professional and ethical manner. You can find more information and consult the Code of Professional Conduct by visiting the Canadian Association of Management Consultant (CAMC) web site.

Contact Information

The best method to reach us is via email by writing Louis-Charles Lavallée at

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e-Business Portal Application Breakthrough: customers enjoy secure personalized access to outside services, just one click away!

Louis-Charles Lavallée writes the book on secure seamless integration of vendor sites for a large government corporate intranet portal – Read more about the Rules of Engagement.

e-Delivery All the Way! Customers find that electronic service delivery eliminates delays!

We designed an authenticated workflow system to convert a paper based system to a fully electronic system for a large government purchasing cards application – Read more about Pcard Online...

Live in four days: Customer service redefined!

When a new supplier won the tender for the office supplies contract, there were four days left on the old contract. We provided the leadership that made the new supplier site live through single signon from the Corporate Intranet Portal in four days. – Read more about the office supplies transition...

End to end electronic workflow makes customers' lives easier!

We designed the electronic workflow system that spans the Government of Ontario staff and suppliers to provide an integrated solution for the administration of translation jobs. – Read more about the Translation Tracking System... (Coming Soon}